Inquiries and Referrals

St. Joseph’s Home is a not-for-profit, free-standing, skilled nursing facility. We accept residents with the ability to pay privately and those who qualify under Federal Medicaid and Medicare Guidelines.


Admission Process

You will need the following items during the admission process:

Medicare Card
Social Security Card
Any Insurance Cards

Information about Funeral arrangements

Statement from Social Security showing benefit amount
Amount of monthly income
Current bank statement

Any other asset information including stocks, bonds, C.D.’s, savings accounts, property and vehicles.


Copies of Power of Attorney for Health and/or Property

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Blough at:

(309) 246-2175

Business Office

The business office is located just inside the main entrance doorway. For directions on who it is you need to speak with, one of our friendly receptionists will be able to assist you.

While we encourage our residents to decorate their rooms and beds with items from home, we ask families to not bring loved ones any items of great value, or large sums of money.

Our residents have the opportunity to have the business office handle any cash they would like to keep in their own personal Resident Account, which is accessible to them 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. every day, if they would like to withdraw money. The Resident Account assures a safe place to keep cash without having to worry about it being lost or stolen.

Like a regular bank account, Resident Account transactions are logged and recorded.

For any questions you have, call:

(309) 246-2175

Personal Belongings

Coming into a new place can be kind of scary and for some it’s hard to adapt to anything that isn’t home. St. Joseph’s Home encourages our residents, no matter how long they plan to stay, to make our home, their home.

Bringing in personal belongings such as blankets, photos, pillows, and even their own easy chair makes residents feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

For safety we ask residents and their loved ones to use their discretion when it comes to new and additional items in their room; with limited space, it’s easy for things to become cluttered and hazardous.

Items that need to be hung on the wall will be handled through our Maintenance
Department to ensure safety is not compromised.

Residents are not allowed to have the following items in their rooms: hazardous chemicals, cigarettes or cigarette lighters (nursing staff have safe places for these items), matches, open-flame candles, straight blade razors or sporting/ hunting knives.


Each individual has certain treasures that mean a great deal to them. It may be a picture, a piece of jewelry or an object. We understand the importance of these valuables. We would prefer that the family take these valuables home. If this is not possible, we encourage the residents to lock up their valuables.


The facility provides a television in both the lounges for the enjoyment of our residents, and in every room.


We believe it is important for residents to maintain contact with family and friends by telephone. There are cordless phones at each nurse’s station. We also encourage pre-paid phone cards which staff will assist in using. Private telephones in residents rooms may be arranged for by the family with CenturyLink at (800) 223-1851.